Disarming the Critic – taking control back

Disarming The Critic: The cost of listening and believing your Critic is great. Each time the critic attacks you, he is harming you psychologically. He is wounding your sense of worth and making it more difficult to feel happy and … Read More

Why Changing Your Fixed Ideas Is Important for You, Your Children and Everyone Else

Here are the reasons why choosing a fixed mindset is a terrible thing for you, your children and everyone else. Yes, it is a choice to stubbornly stick to an idea that you believe to be true even if those … Read More

Lifehacker: Are you a Pessimist or Optimist & Why is it Important?

Are you pessimist or Optimist? Have you ever found yourself in a debate with your mates after a few too many about whether the glass is really half full or half empty? Of course most of us know that how you … Read More

Positive Psychology Explained (part 1)

Welcome to my series of blogs addressing the practice, application and efficacy of Positive Psychology. I am a huge advocate of this branch of psychology and provide its application to my clients. Contact me today to discuss how PP could … Read More

HuffPost: Five Ways to Ditch Your Boy Persona and Step into Manhood with Pride

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ewan McGregor. Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, hell, he even made Moulin Rouge a belter and I’m not embarrassed to admit it! But other than his raw natural talent on screen and distinctive Scottish accent, … Read More

The Art of Choice #10

Graduating to Self-Mastery Taking Complete Responsibility for Everything You Attract and Experience – To take a quantum leap forward and move into Self-Mastery, imagine yourself gently rising above the apex of the highly emotional, trauma/drama dysfunctional positions on the triangle. … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking – Overview of your Pre-Speech Routine

 Public Speaking – Your Pre-Speech Routine by Michael Carthy How do you set yourself up to do some clear, effective and enjoyable public speaking? What do successful people do to speak naturally and authentically? Practicing is key for great public … Read More

The Paradox of Perfection #4

Time for a Philosophical Change: Since perfectionists base their self worth on their ability to achieve unrelenting standards, they tend to work extremely hard to achieve these standards. Perfectionists often perceive this as highly beneficial. They may argue that by … Read More

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – right?!

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – that’s what they say! The premise is simple, when we understand that fear is omnipresent and it is more prevalent on unfamiliar ground, then we could decide to jump in the deep … Read More

“So, I had the weirdest dream last night” – How we evolved to dream

How often does your partner, or colleague, or child start their morning conversation off like this? “Ooh god, I had the craziest dreams last night, wow!” When you engage and ask them about it, normally they reply with something along … Read More

The Art of Choice #9

The Art of Choice starts to evolve Helpers, people who initially appear to be so caring and self-sacrificing, are often dysfunctional. This is especially true if they are playing the role of Helper in an attempt to feel good about … Read More

The Art of Choice #8

Transcending The Victim-Helper-Offender Triangle aka The Drama Triangle Understanding the game is the foundation of the Art of Choice. The Victim-Helper-Offender Triangle is a psychological model for explaining specific co-dependent, destructive inter-action patterns, which negatively impact our lives. Each position … Read More

Michael Carthy – truly share a moment with the people that matter…

The importance of special shared moments and true connection We spend so much of our day searching, persuading, convincing, giving and receiving – like single-minded robots we are only interesting in completing the transactions we have started, and quickly. Finding … Read More

Walking east London #2

Things that are meditative – walking, playing and mindfulness. Put them together and my next section is born. I love to walk and explore! Most of us walk quickly and with purpose, to work, on our break, to the bank … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking – Power Posture

Power Posture: part 2 of your Pre-Speech Routine for fear of public speaking. How you use your body in what can be termed a pressure situation could make the difference between Assertive/Confident or Shut down/Out of Control. Baring in mind … Read More