Performance Optimisation

Performance optimisation is sports, the office, even at home as a parent or partner are easily reached once you focus on achieving that improvement. We all deserve time and space to effective improve and grow in whatever area of of lives that is useful. Rapid Change is possible.

Listen to Clive tell his story of improved performance as a semi-professional rock climber. Despite being a seasoned rock climber, Clive came to me after he’d developed some new fears around the sport he loved so much – climbing.

Using a mixture of positive psychology and sports psychology approaches we were able to identify his fear and change his attitude towards those feelings in order to push past them. So that Clive could enjoy the excitement of climbing once again.

Well done Clive, what a success story!


“Following our sessions – climbing up the cliff, I was able to identify the sensation that I felt which had scared me so much before. It was a sense that now I was climbing move-by-move further into danger. It was the first time the feeling was distinct and understandable. I can now objectively recognise it. The difference between this and previous trips was that in the past I would find that moment crippling!”

“However, I was able to recognise it and move past it. By using your positive visualisation technique before the climb and during those moments, I am so aware now I could control it and deal with it. I could take in where I am, identify any actual danger I could be in, but then identify the moves ahead and realise how I would feel by getting through those moves, visualising only the positive results.”

“I would sometimes force a smile onto my face, hum a silly song, and carry on focusing on having fun and trusting myself – like you said. I would also allow myself to express those moments, either with whimpers or the so called ‘power scream’, as to not bottle it up! You’ll hear in the video me making all the noises at the uncertain moments.”

“I have also created a 1min warm up routine before each climb, which covers those physical aspects (like not being warm enough), and also slip in those Alpha techniques you showed me. This has really helped a lot as well.”

“So in short, thanks very much! I know our sessions have been worth it, and it feels great to be able put a mark in this moment and move past it!”

Thank you for sharing Clive.