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The first London based Virtual Reality Therapy Clinic, helping people to overcome their fears and phobias. Including Fear of Flying (Aviophobia), Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia), Fear of Heights (Acrophobia), Fear of Small Spaces (Claustrophobia), Fear of Driving, Fear of Lifts & Elevators (Cleithrophobia), Fear of Transport, Fear of the Tube, Fear of Open Spaces (Agoraphobia), Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia), Fear of Dogs (Cynophobia), Fear of Needles (Aichmophobia), Fear of Darkness (Nyctophobia) and many more.

We have over 10 years experience specialising in stress-related illnesses, anxiety disorders and overcoming fear and phobias. The goal with our clients to help them to change their relationship with the fear response. Ultimately feeling calmer, more confident and at ease. We help people to overcome fears, smash through self-limiting beliefs, change faulty habits and to realise their full potential. Using Virtual reality Therapy Exposure advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Our style of therapy is rapid and results-driven, enabling his clients to experience effective, fast-paced change. His commitment to every client is to stay with them until they achieve the transformation they desire.

VRT is an effective and proven method of working with people who want to change certain life domains. It has proven to be particularly effective at overcoming past traumatic events or as a tool to overcome fear. And clinical hypnotherapists here use hypnosis as this effective tool when the situation calls for such an intervention. We will tailor make an approach depending on what therapy you might need.

Our approach is unique and very simple. We call it Rapid, Dynamic Therapy. And, it means that we believe in our clients and their ability to build, create and change themselves and their lives.

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"I really wanted to come to grips with my fear of heights, thats why I came to see Michael. I am glad I did that because it is the best decision of my life." *
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