terms and conditions

NEWSLETTER & MAILCHIMP. From time to time I send out a newsletter and/or other emails to all users on my webpage, this may mean even if you have just provided your email, you may receive a future email from me. In these newsletters, I may inform you about new services, features or products. User may choose to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of our email from me, or by writing to me at hello@michaelcarthy.com.

HYPNOTHERAPY. Hypnotherapy can never be guaranteed to work as it requires motivation from the client to be useful.

Despite hypnosis/hypnotherapy being safe and entirely natural. If you have any severe or exceptional forms of mental disorder such as types of related schizophrenia we recommend you get an opinion from your doctor before starting with the therapy I provide.

LIABILITY & INDEMNITY. Provided CAMT01IN01 by Towergate Insurance Brokers.

DISCLAIMER. All and every effort has been made to accurately represent the background, skills, education, interventions, approaches, and experience offered by Michael Carthy and his company. There is no guarantee that users/clients will change as a direct result of the work carried out. Although this is the aim and solutions are found. The testimonials and case studies are not to be seen as a promise of change but examples of services and results achieved in the past. There is some ownership on the client to facilitate their own change. This along with many differentiating factors across situations means change cannot be guaranteed.