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I’m Michael Carthy, a therapist, coach and wellness consultant with more than nine years experience in helping people to overcome fears, smash through self-limiting beliefs and realise their full potential.

I’ve worked with thousands of people throughout my career both in one-to-one sessions, over Skype at www.rapidonlinetherapy.com and in group settings to coach them through emotional problems, enable them to overcome their fears and phobias, empower them to stop smoking for good, equip them with the tools they need to become master public speakers and so much more.

To see a full list of all the issues I can help you with, visit the Treatments page.

I specialise in empowering people to create lives they love, to cultivate relationships with others that are strong and meaningful and to equip my clients with practical tools to take away with them and apply to their bright futures.

I do this through a personally tailored mixture of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy (REBT), Positive Psychology, advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and applied Mindfulness skills. My style of therapy is varied, unique and built on the idea that everyone has the power to change within them already. The important thing to remember is that this change can be rapid and last a whole lifetime. You don’t need therapy for years or even months to change your life.

To read about my experience and qualifications in different styles of therapy, visit the Therapies page.

From coaching world class performers in showbiz and sports and providing a range of therapies to entrepreneurs in the corporate world through to running confidence and meditation classes for media companies and empowering groups of teenagers to make their mark on the world. Everyday I feel privileged to sit across from such a variety of interesting and inspiring individuals.

To check out the kinds of classes and group sessions I offer, visit the Classes & Groups page.

I’m fascinated by the mind. I love to study the science behind our behaviours, our fears and the choices we make. I’m also particularly interested in performance psychology, in positive psychology and in applying ancient spiritual practices to modern-day life.

Although I’m first and foremost a therapist and coach, my insights into the mind, habits and fears have been featured in a number of publications, including the Huffington Post, Wareable and the Daily Mail.

To see all of the articles I’ve written, the press mentions I’ve had and the testimonials I’ve received, head to my Press page.

To get in touch with me today and discover how I can empower you to live a happier, healthier and more authentic life, email me now: hello@michaelcarthy.com to book a callback or say hello on Twitter @michaeltcarthy.

I’m always available to chat about your needs, your experiences and tailor a therapy style specially created to help you achieve your full potential.

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