The Paradox of Perfection: A Four-Part Exploration

Introduction The pursuit of perfection is an all-too-common human endeavor. We strive for the ideal in various aspects of our lives, including our work, relationships, and personal development. But what if our quest for perfection is actually holding us back? … Read More

The Paradox of Perfection #4

Time for a Philosophical Change: Since perfectionists base their self worth on their ability to achieve unrelenting standards, they tend to work extremely hard to achieve these standards. Perfectionists often perceive this as highly beneficial. They may argue that by … Read More

The Paradox of Perfection #3

Unhelpful Rules & Perfectionism: Although many rules are healthy and useful, unhelpful rules are inflexible, rigid, and unreasonable. Rigid rules and inaccurate assumptions can cause people to hold unrealistic expectations about themselves and others, which if unmet may bring about … Read More

The Paradox of Perfection #2

Perfectionistic Thinking: Usually to attend to and interpret things according to what we expect. Perfectionists tend to pay attention to any evidence that they are not achieving so they can correct these immediately. Perfectionists also have an extreme view of … Read More

The Paradox of Perfection #1

Can there be such a thing as perfection? Many people think of perfectionism as something positive. It is often seen as the pursuit of excellence, setting high standards, and working hard to challenge one’s self. People often have good reasons … Read More