Art of Choice


Creating your Masterpiece…

Think of the painter, a sculpture, an artist. The word ‘art’ implies some innate or god given talent, but regardless of its origins a work of art has to be nurtured, developed, constructed, sometimes deconstructed, refined and finessed by the artist. So too with the art of choice. We are all blessed with free will or choice. We cannot control the outside world with consistency however we can control how we act and behave. We always have choice!

Making the art of choice powerful, to enable ourselves to experience goodness in life and share that with others, requires a process of training and discipline. Like the Artist, we too can find mentors or coaches who will teach us the foundations or their own way. And like the Artist, we only really become the True Artist in our own right when I myself, the spiritual being, discovers and masters my own mind.

If you look at the history of art, taking say the renascence as an example. Art flourishes against the backdrop of a certain quality of culture and in the same way, the right company, atmosphere, environment and teaching are all required to develop your art of choice.

Similar to great masterpieces of Art there is no quick wins or shortcuts, however the only limitation is the speed at which the mind changes. The neural pathways that govern our automatic reactions are plastic, they change naturally and organically all the time throughout our lives. The Art of Choice is not limited, and can create the change that we want simple by choosing the reality we want.

The ability to choose our own reality is the ultimate end and what a beautiful masterpiece you will create.

The Art of Choice – The Art of Creating – The Art of Cognition – The Art of Consciousness


Read on, start now creating your own reality!

Art of Choice #2

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