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I love food, let me say that again – I love food. The only thing I love more than food, is someone bringing me my food! The holy grail of the dining experience for me is 3 fold: Great food, served with a chat & a smile and the value to taste ratio is on the money.

I have coached many people over the years in regards to their health, fitness and well-being. I employ the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating, that if 80% of the time we are conscious, mindful and aware of what we are eating and why, then the other 20% it doesn’t much matter what we have. This flexible philosophy is fine for someone with a high burning metabolism, promoted by daily exercise and socially controlled mindful eating.

Baring all of this in mind, read on for my top 5 best (affordable) restaurants in East London. I say affordable because I really enjoy a decedent splurge in the top (more expensive) restaurant’s that London has to offer too. Think of these dining spots as the everyday, “there is nothing in the fridge, probably cheaper to just eat out” – type places.


best restaurants east london
Pizza Union

1. Pizza Union – Spitalfield: 25 Sandy’s Row

Quite simply the best pizza (stone baked) around east London and the cheapest, at £3.95 for a 12″ margherita, its a steal.

My choice: Double Pepperoni with extra Mozeralla (gooey). If my metabolism would allow me, I would honestly eat here everyday.

“Words can not express how amazing this place is, which is why it is ALWAYS crowded and yet the wait is very minimal. The pizzas made here is something to die for! I go there quite often and each time I go the service is good and the food is delicious. Don’t be surprised to find delicious mushrooms and other fresh ingredients on your pizza for a great price. Each time I come here I tend to bring all out-of-towners here and get nothing but compliments for my choice of food.” from tripadvisor

2. Byron – Shoreditch: 34 Bethnal Green Road or Spitalfield: 3-6 Stewart Street

I sometimes find myself day-dreaming about my next Byron burger, it doesn’t help that there are two of them a stones throw from my place, surrounding me, taunting me. The ‘Ronaldo’ special during the world cup was a mammoth double burger with all the timings. Now the ‘Smoky’ is back, well that’s just not fair….

My Choice: The Smokey (burger cooked medium rare), Courgette fries, Chocolate Milkshake.

“Gorgeous burger (the famous smokey) with delicious sides. All cooked to order. Staff were chatty and helpful and a delight to have.” from tripadvisor

3. Hawksmoor Bar – Spitalfield: 157B Commercial Street

Hawkmoor is definitely one of my favorite steak houses in London, but it is a luxury. The Hawksmoor Bar is not a luxury, the food is! The menu contains snacky delights like, ‘Pigs Cheek Nuggets’, ‘Chilli Cheese Dog’ and my favourite ‘Pigs Head Poutine’. Throw in a cocktail list that is well, dangerous! and you might not want to leave.

“You can guarantee to get good steaks and burgers at Hawksmoor, however in this fairly new bar, the bar food shouldn’t be overlooked. I ordered chicken burger, with shortrib nuggets accompanied with a Hawksmoor cocktail of the month.. I’d happily just go back for the shortrib nuggets – 6 beautiful morsels of breaded shortrib beef stuffed with melted cheese and this came with a kimichi ketchup.Perfect date location – little coves, friendly staff.” from urbanspoon

4. Dishoom – Shoreditch: 7 Boundary Street

The reason Dishoom makes this list is purely on its unique Breakfast menu. I haven’t had dinner here yet (I do hear its great) however this is for most important meal of the day Breakfast. And, what a spin on breakfast. From there ‘Bombay Omelette’, ‘House Porridge’ or their – have to ‘Bacon Naan Roll’ all the way their wide range of juices, lassi and house chai tea. They sound normal but are something special.

My Choice: One of Everything (I’m not joking)

“We popped in here for our first breakfast after arriving in London the night prior and it was spectacular! Excellent service (quick, friendly and informative), delicious, interesting food, and a nice light, decadent traditional setting.” from tripadvisor

5. Trangallan: 61 Newington Green

This is a very ‘rose-mantic’ place. Food is simply immense, rich and always changing, with new menus every couple of weeks, depending what is in season and available.

My Choice: 3 servings of the salted chocolate caramel.

“We’ve just returned from the most charming little Spanish restaurant going. The food is amazing – we had some awesome baby squid on black rice, iberican pork on mash, pan fried Hake with mushrooms, rib eye steak, cheese board…all beautiful. Lovely waitress who was very knowledgeable on the food and wine. All in all a fantastic place for dinner in Newington Green.” from tripadvisor


Go, Taste, and Enjoy!

(but aim for 20% of the time)

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