Things that are meditative – walking, playing and mindfulness. Put them together and my next section is born. I love to walk and explore! Most of us walk quickly and with purpose, to work, on our break, to the bank and so on. We rush sometimes because we have to, when we do this, we starve ourselves of the relaxing nature of walking, stretching our legs, breaking our state of mind. When I can I like to stroll, to explore my surroundings with curiosity and a childlike mindlessness. Some of my clients report that there is nowhere in east London to walk to, or no suitable places to mediate. I plan to post some of my favorite walks and places – I like to look up and around and connect, taking it all in.

Walking East London:

I had a purpose for this walk, I wanted to attend a Saturday talk by my friends at Inner Space entitled “The Gentle Art of Assertiveness”. This was on in the very well equipped Dalston Archive/Library and very enjoyable. While up there we spent 90 minutes in the Curve Gardens (perfect place for meditating), this reclaimed land is simply magical. If you haven’t been there check out the website and go! Throw in some very tasty brunch at ‘Bread and Butter’ and my day was complete.

Walking East London
Walking East London #1



  1. Becca

    The Curve Garden is my little heaven on earth! Love that spot 🙂

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