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The Importance of Choice:

I believe that the natural spirit of human nature is one of joy, truth and beauty but somewhere along the way we have moved very far away from that state. To me this shift in our life, signals that our choice has slowly been taken from us, and its happened without us knowing, maybe at a very early age and maybe generations ago.

Consider the world we live in today and the speed at which we now change our planet. Success is measured by our achievements or the money we make, not by who we are. At an early age, even the most simple things are programmed, structured and predefined. Take when we are taught we should eat or even when we should go to bed or the school system that young children attend to toe the line.

Childhood Conditioning:

As children, we are not suited to rigid structure, we can do it and the habit forming brain can learn to do things that it is told. However choice is simply taken from us. The unconscious cannot tell the difference between what is good or bad it just recognises patterns and sees repetition. We are trained, programmed at an early age to ignore some of the most simple internal responses, like signals for sleep or hunger pangs or we are praised for suppressing emotions and being ‘good’.

“I think the future of psychotherapy and psychology is in the school system. We need to teach every child how to rarely seriously disturb himself or herself and how to overcome disturbance when it occurs.”

Albert Ellis

We grow up in a world were we are trained to not ask questions, to not make the choices we want, to just toe the line. To be like a robot, to be automatic, part of a bigger system that is more important than our individual choice. Every time we act through automation we damage ourselves even more, chipping away at the foundation of who we really are, until we are lost and part of a faulty rigid machine.

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