Graduating to Self-Mastery

Taking Complete Responsibility for Everything You Attract and Experience – To take a quantum leap forward and move into Self-Mastery, imagine yourself gently rising above the apex of the highly emotional, trauma/drama dysfunctional positions on the triangle. From this detached, non-emotional vantage point, allow yourself now to look down and simply observe the games you and others have been playing.

If you are willing, honestly ask yourself, “What part am I playing in all this? In what ways am I still on this triangle? Am I a helpless Victim or am I somehow, consciously or unconsciously, creating this? What is it that I really want, need or desire for myself and from others?”

When we move away from feeling powerless and blaming others, to the place of focusing on what it is that we truly want, need and desire, we have the opportunity to take powerful life-affirming positive steps.

One of the ultimate positive steps is to move from believing that we are at “Effect” (the world does things to us and therefore we have no choice or responsibility) to the concept of “Cause” (our thoughts and actions create our reality, hence we are ultimately responsible for everything we experience in life). This shift in perception is so profound that it can literally move a person completely off of the triangle! To achieve Self-Mastery – to become the creator, simply stop what you are thinking and doing, shift your focus to one of taking total responsibility for creating everything that you are experiencing in your life and start asking, “Why am I creating this? How am I creating this? What can I do to change this? And, finally, to ask, how can I take positive action to create something more harmonious, more positive?”

Finding the Creator within:

It’s time for a change. It’s time for you to start creating the reality YOU want, to start really taking hold of the world around you and become the person you were born to be. I believe that people are their most connected, most happy and most productive when they realise how to tap into the inner Creator. What do I mean by the Creator within? Well for me the creator is the inner guidance system that promotes Awareness, Authenticity and Motivation.

Carl Jung said “I am not what was given to me, I am what I choose to become”.

We are born creators and we are born innovating. In our early years we are master innovators, we innately build, create and play with the world around us in a way that is limitless and pure. As children we tap into the tools at hand, our imagination and our creativity, this allow us to find our happiness and shape our world. It’s time to remember something you may have forgotten.

The creator embodies the following:

  • Creators recognise the benefit in taking full responsibility for their response to life’s events and the interactions to the people that surround them.
  • Creators focus on what they want rather than what they don’t want, regardless of circumstances.
  • Creators work toward desired outcomes and choose how to deal with the human experience resourcefully and with choice, instead of just reacting.
  • Creators cultivate time for inner reflection, learning to go deeper to discover what drives to desire and wants.
  • Creators experience the awe of living-the spiritual and sacred state of joy, happiness and wonder, even in the face of difficulty.
  • Creators surrender to “what is” and drop resistance in the moment.
  • Creators are calm, since they are not reacting, and trust the mystery of how their life will unfold.
  • Creators understand their true value and highest self worth in this world.
  • Creators trust themselves and the mystery of life to hold them.
  • Creators lean into failure, mishaps and mistakes, understanding failure is not only inevitable but essential to growth.
  • Creators understand that everything is constantly changing, therefore they do not attach themselves to a certain outcome or “right” way.
  • Creators understand the power of the imagination in manifesting their chosen reality.
  • Creators identify challenges in their life to overcome and label ‘struggles’ or ‘problems’ as just the next challenge.
  • Creators take action, even the smallest step, in the absence of motivation understanding we cannot be motivated until we start seeing the benefits.

Its time to remember that you are the guru, you are the innovator, your are the creator – you have just forgotten these simple facts! Stop looking outside yourself for the answers, its time to look inside towards your inner Creator.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, It’s about Creating yourself.”

Art of Choice #9

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