The Art of Choice #10

Graduating to Self-Mastery Taking Complete Responsibility for Everything You Attract and Experience – To take a quantum leap forward and move into Self-Mastery, imagine yourself gently rising above the apex of the highly emotional, trauma/drama dysfunctional positions on the triangle. … Read More

The Art of Choice #9

The Art of Choice starts to evolve Helpers, people who initially appear to be so caring and self-sacrificing, are often dysfunctional. This is especially true if they are playing the role of Helper in an attempt to feel good about … Read More

Re-learning to sail – a solution focused approach to life

Think of a sailor in a boat. A little boat. Imagine this little boat floating in the middle of a great ocean, bobbing and ebbing whilst drifting in the water. With no usable sail and the ruder failing, the direction … Read More