Disarming the Critic – taking control back with this proven psychological technique

Disarming The Critic: The cost of listening and believing your Critic is great. Each time the critic attacks you, he is harming you psychologically. He is wounding your sense of worth and making it more difficult to feel happy and … Read More

The Art of Choice #10

Graduating to Self-Mastery Taking Complete Responsibility for Everything You Attract and Experience – To take a quantum leap forward and move into Self-Mastery, imagine yourself gently rising above the apex of the highly emotional, trauma/drama dysfunctional positions on the triangle. … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking – Overview of your Pre-Speech Routine

 Public Speaking – Your Pre-Speech Routine by Michael Carthy How do you set yourself up to do some clear, effective and enjoyable public speaking? What do successful people do to speak naturally and authentically? Practicing is key for great public … Read More

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“So, I had the weirdest dream last night” – How we evolved to dream

How often does your partner, or colleague, or child start their morning conversation off like this? “Ooh god, I had the craziest dreams last night, wow!” When you engage and ask them about it, normally they reply with something along … Read More

The Art of Choice #9

The Art of Choice starts to evolve Helpers, people who initially appear to be so caring and self-sacrificing, are often dysfunctional. This is especially true if they are playing the role of Helper in an attempt to feel good about … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking – Power Posture

Power Posture: part 2 of your Pre-Speech Routine for fear of public speaking. How you use your body in what can be termed a pressure situation could make the difference between Assertive/Confident or Shut down/Out of Control. Baring in mind … Read More

Fear of Public Speaking – Breathing

Breathing: part 1 of your Pre-Speech Routine for fear of public speaking. Are you controlled by your breath or are you controlling your breathing? We can consciously and mindfully breath, we can be present when we breath – this allows … Read More