Disarming the Critic – taking control back with this proven psychological technique

Disarming The Critic: The cost of listening and believing your Critic is great. Each time the critic attacks you, he is harming you psychologically. He is wounding your sense of worth and making it more difficult to feel happy and … Read More

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Why Changing Your Fixed Ideas Is Important for You, Your Children and Everyone Else

Here are the reasons why choosing a fixed mindset is a terrible thing for you, your children and everyone else. Yes, it is a choice to stubbornly stick to an idea that you believe to be true even if those … Read More

Re-learning to sail – a solution focused approach to life

Think of a sailor in a boat. A little boat. Imagine this little boat floating in the middle of a great ocean, bobbing and ebbing whilst drifting in the water. With no usable sail and the ruder failing, the direction … Read More