Disarming the Critic – taking control back with this proven psychological technique

Disarming The Critic: The cost of listening and believing your Critic is great. Each time the critic attacks you, he is harming you psychologically. He is wounding your sense of worth and making it more difficult to feel happy and … Read More

The Art of Choice #10

Graduating to Self-Mastery Taking Complete Responsibility for Everything You Attract and Experience – To take a quantum leap forward and move into Self-Mastery, imagine yourself gently rising above the apex of the highly emotional, trauma/drama dysfunctional positions on the triangle. … Read More

The Art of Choice #9

The Art of Choice starts to evolve Helpers, people who initially appear to be so caring and self-sacrificing, are often dysfunctional. This is especially true if they are playing the role of Helper in an attempt to feel good about … Read More

The Art of Choice #8

Transcending The Victim-Helper-Offender Triangle aka The Drama Triangle Understanding the game is the foundation of the Art of Choice. The Victim-Helper-Offender Triangle is a psychological model for explaining specific co-dependent, destructive inter-action patterns, which negatively impact our lives. Each position … Read More

The Art of Choice #7

Would you rather be the chess player – the master of choice or JUST a chess piece on the board of life? When we’re at the centre of our universe – making self promoting choices and designing our reality – … Read More

The Art of Choice #6

What is it that we want in this world more than anything? We are born with a genetic blueprint that drives us to connect with the outside world and we do this very effectively. Mirror neurons in the brain mean … Read More

The Art of Choice #5

Knowing Myself: Once we can accept the responsibility for ourselves and accept that we are on a journey, that we don’t have all the answers yet, then we can start to delve deeper into the Art of Choice. The first … Read More

The Art of Choice #4

The Importance of Choice: I believe that the natural spirit of human nature is one of joy, truth and beauty but somewhere along the way we have moved very far away from that state. To me this shift in our … Read More

The Art of Choice #3

Detachment: Detachment is a great place to begin. Detachment doesn’t mean cutting off and it doesn’t mean running away. It means learning to separate two different things; the world outside and the world inside. Outside is my job, bank manager, … Read More

The Art of Choice – #2

Personal Responsibility: If something happens which we don’t like, more than often as humans we point ‘out there’. We point a finger at that thing or the “it” that is responsible for the unpleasant experience. I pass the blame, this … Read More

The Art of Choice – #1

  Creating your Masterpiece… Think of the painter, a sculpture, an artist. The word ‘art’ implies some innate or god given talent, but regardless of its origins a work of art has to be nurtured, developed, constructed, sometimes deconstructed, refined … Read More